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there seems to some question and confusion, about 12 volt VS. 24 volt radios in shermans. perhaps a gallery of schematics will help answer the question.




1942 sherman schematic.jpg


from the volume 8 SNL

1944 sherman schematics.jpg


at some point the color coded system was dropped and a number system, was instituted, along with this change, the brake lights were deleted. (at least on the A3 shermans). unfortunately the 1954 manual does not include a wire schedule. and I don't believe anyone has ever found a universal schedule to explain all the numbers. of course when the early tanks were rebuilt, they tried to put the new system into the old conduit runs, which of course created more anomalies. and more confusion.

armor harness

most armored vehicles used woven brass flex conduit with a "garden hose" fitting soldered on the end. the electrical connection was usually a bakelight connector with very small set screws for the wire. and a slide fitting over the set screw section.

Sherman harness1.JPG

Sherman harness2.JPG

Sherman harnes3.JPG

Sherman harnes4.JPG

Sherman harness5.JPG


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