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Radio Receiving Set AN/MRR-5 was a highly mobile, air-transportable equipment capable of operating with other mobile or permanent, comcenters as a portion of a cw, voice, and diversity radioteletype, point-to-point, and ground-to-air communication system. It was equipped with remote controls for operating Radio Transmitting Set AN~MRT-6, and was capable of operating with Radio Beacon AN~URN-5, Radio Transmitting Set AN~URT-7, and Radio Transmitting Equipment TED-2. It normally was used with Teletypewriter Central Office AN~MGC-2, Radio Set AN~MRC-41, and Radio Transmitting Set AN~MRT-6 (Project Four wheels). All operating components were installed in and operated from the Van Trailer V-83/M. Power was supplied by Trailer-Mounted Diesel Engine Generator Set Type MB-5 (not supplied as part of this set)

Major Components


1 V-83 trailer

3 Antenna Group AN~GRA-4

2 Antenna Coupler CU-168/FRR

8 Radio Receiver R-388~URR

1 Teletypewriter TT-70A/UG

2 Frequency Shift Converter-Comparator NR-174

2 Remote transmitter controls

Reference File

  • TO 31R2-2MRR5-1, -2, -4

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