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For SCR-74


  • 2 Supports, Type MS-4; antenna ;~complete with guys.
  • 1 Antenna, Type AN-2; antenna cord, 150 ft. complete with 20-ft. lead-in wire and 4 Eiectrose No. 4500 insulators,(IN-2) of which
  • 2 in series linked to each end of antenna wire; free end of insulator provided with open wire hook.
  • 1 Counterpoise, Type CP-1; two 150-ft. lengths counterpoise wire, spec. 416-1, with terminal plug on one
  • 1 Block, Type BL-3; connecting; at one end of 20-ft. lead-in.
  • 4 Stakes, Type GP-2; ground, standard.
  • 3 Reels, Type RL-3; hand; for antenna and counterpoise wires.
  • 1 Bag, Type BG-8; carrying; for ground stakes, antenna and accessories.
  • 2 Hammers, Type HM-1; 2 lb.