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For SCR-69


  • 3 Mast Sections, Type MS-1 ; without tubes.
  • 12 Mast Sections, Type MS -2; with tubes.
  • 3 Caps, Mast, Type MP-5.
  • 3 Insulators, Type IN-1; hard rubber, with hooks.
  • 9 Reels, Type RL-3; hand.
  • 1 Antenna, Type AN-5; two lengths of braided antenna cord 1.50 ft. long, and one length of lead-in wire 40 ft. long, all carried on three hand reels.
  • 9 Guys, Type GY-3; No. 5 sash cord, each 36 ft. long, with metal tent slide and hook; a set of three guys to be carried on each of three hand reels.
  • 1 Counterpoise, Type CP-4; two lengths of wire 150 ft. long, and one lead-in wire 40 ft. long, all joined together at their intersection; to !«.• carried on three hand reels.
  • 3 Hammers, Type HM-1.
  • 9 Stakes, Type GP-2; guy.
  • 3 Cords, No. 5 Sash; Pieces, 3 ft. Long
  • 1 Chest, Type BC-35; carrying; used for packing antenna equipment for transportation.