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This Thelephone Terminal Group was housed in a '''[[S-180]]'''/MTA-4 (modified '''[[S-141]]'''/G) and later in a modified [[S-280]]B/G Shelter. The AN/MTA-4A is together with the [[AN/MTA-3A]] Thelephone Switchboard Group part of the '''[[AN/MTC-1]]''' Central Office, Telephone, Manual.
The shelter on the photographs is still a '''[[S-180]]'''/MTA-4 apparently modified to MTA-4A standards:
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A19, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 18, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 01, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 02, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 03, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 08, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 04, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
[[File:S-141.G.MTA-4A 13, 14-4-2014.bmp.jpg|150px]]
==Major Components==
1 Shelter [[S-180]]/MTA-4 or [[S-280]]B/G (modified)
3. Main Distribution Frames [[TA-454]]/GTA-14
2. Line Relays [[TA-452]]/GTA-14
1. Line Relay [[TA-226]]/TTC
1. Power Distribution Panel [[SB-1399]]/GTA
4. Batteries [[BB-46]]
1. Telephone Set [[TA-312]]/PT
==Reference File==
* TM 11-5805-284-14

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