AN/AIC-2, -2A

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Interphone Equipments AN/AIC- 2 are lightweight, high altitude (40,000 feet) multi-plane aircraft communication units used by interceptor fighters and light medium bombers to provide interphone communication between the various interphone stations. They are operated by a push-to-talk button on the microphone. The AN/AIC-2 is a high impedance unit used with radio equipment connected for high impedance output; the AN/AIC-2A is a low impedance unit used with radio equipment connected for low impedance outputs

AN AIC-2.png

Affords operation of 15 stations (maximum), each capable of selecting compass, VHF liaison, command, interphone, and call circuits
Type Controls
Each station has a manual volume control and a 5-position rotary switch for selection of any circuit from the following: compass, VHF liaison, command, interphone, and call. Interphqne Amplifier AM-261AIC can be controlled either by its local gain control or by means of Remote Gain Control C-97I AIC-2. Interphone Amplifier AM-26AIAIC is controlled by Automatic Gain Control C- 1581AIC which is included in the amplifier case.
Power Output
4 w into a 250-ohm load Distortion: 6%
Power Requirements
1.7 amp at 24- to 28-VDC


  • Interphone Amplifier AM-26/AIC
  • Interphone Amplifier AM-26A/AIC
  • Jack Box BC-1266 or Jack Box BC-1366M
  • Mounting MT-28/ARN-5
  • Remote Gain Control C-97IAIC-2

Reference Files

TO 12R2-2AIC2-2, -14