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UHF set. transportable medium capacity FM radio set designed to provide multichannel, two way communications in the UHF range. The AN/GRC-50 operates in conjunction with 4/12/24-channel FDM or 12/24-channel PCM equipment. You secure the radio system using TSEC/KG-27 (PCM only).The AN/GRC-50 operates in a variety of configurations as a radio terminal or repeater station in the communications network. replaced by AN/GRC-103


  • R-1148*/GRC GRC-50 Receiver, 600-1000 & 1350-1850 MC
  • T-893/GRC GRC-50 Xmitter, 600-1000 & 1350-1850 MC 30 W
  • AM-1955,56/ R-1148/ IF Converters
  • AM-1957,58/ T-839/ Oscillators
  • AT-903/G GRC-50 UHF Antenna U/W Mast AB-577
  • CN-514/GRC GRC-50 Voltage Regulator
  • GRM-68 GRC-50 Test Set
  • PP-2054/GRC GRC-50 PS
  • SA-640/GRC GRC-50 Switch Box


  • TM 11-5820-461-*