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Radio Receiving Set AN/MRR-6 was a highly mobile, air-transportable set used for reception and printing of radioteletype signals transmitted by the frequency-shift method, as well as voice and cw signals. It was used in short duration (up to 3 months) emergency support of AACS air operations. This equipment included remote controls for operation of Radio Transmitting Set AN~MRT-7 and could receive radioteletype signals through Frequency Shift Converter-Comparator, Northern Radio Type 174 operating with Teletypewriter TT-70/UG. It was usually operated with Air Traffic Control Set AN~MRN-15, Radio Transmitting Set AN~MRT-7, and Facsimile Set AN~MXR-1 (when part of Project Two Wheels). All operating components were installed in and operated from a trailer van. Power is supplied by Trailer Mounted Diesel Engine Generator Set MB-6 (not supplied as part of this set).

Major Components

4 Mast AB-86/GRA-4

3 Radio Receiver R-388~URR

1 Rectifier Power Unit RA-133

1 Teletypewriter TT-70/UG

1 Frequency Shift Converter-Comparator NR-174

1 Shelter w/trailer mounting chassis