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The Central Office, Manual AN/MTC-7 is a mobile, single-position, manual central office capable of interconnecting 60 local telephone circuits to trunk circuits and switching local telephone circuits. Includes one Manual Telephone Switchboard SB-86/P, one Switchboard Signal Assembly TA-207/P and other equipment in S-170 shelter. It was replaced by the AN~TTC-29

Major Components

1 Electrical Equipment Shelter S-170 ( )/MTC-7 (modified S-144/G)

1 Manual Telephone Switchboard SB-86/P

1 Switchboard Signal Assembly TA-207/P

1 Telephone Set TA-312/PT

Reference File

  • 11-5805-211-15

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5805-211-15 July 1959

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