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The Manual Telephone Central Office AN/MTC-9 was an air- or vehicular-transportable manual central office which provided switching for 596 local battery or common battery subscriber 1ines and 60 manual or dial trunk circuits. The AN/MTC-9 was housed in two semitrailer vans, the AN~MTA-5 and the AN~MTA-7. The AN/MTA-5 contained the relays, frames, storage batteries, and power panel. The AN/MTA-7 housed nine switchboards cabled in a four-panel multiple arrangement. The AN/MTC-9 was used at army signal centers in an area type communications system.


Major Components


7 Main Distribution Frame TA-257/TTC

6 Line Relay Circuit TA-223A/TTC

3 Trunk Relay Circuit TA-226A/TTC

4 Telephone Set TA-312/PT

2 Power Distribution Panel SB-1032/TTC

4 Battery BB-46

1 Air Conditioner

1 Semitrailer Van M-348A2 (modified)


9 Manual Telephone Switchboard SB-249A/TTC

4 Telephone Set TA-312/PT

1 Air Conditioner

1 Semitrailer Van M348A2 (modified)

Reference File

  • TM 11–5805–288–15