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The AN/PRC-17 is a lightweight, portable equipment designed to provide two-way voice communications between a life raft and searching ships or aircraft. It also provides for the transmission of an audio tone which may be continuous or keyed at a slowed rate. Utilizes the Navy rescue radio Frequencies: 121.5 and 243 MHz.

AN PRC-17 8752908716 l.jpg


  • Frequencies: 121.5 mHz - 243 mHz
  • Channels: 2
  • HF Output: 65 mW.
  • Modulation: 2A2, 6A3
  • Battery voltages: 105 V and 1.3 V DC Dry Cell Batteries
  • Year of issue: 1953
  • Replaces: AN/CRC-7
  • Replaced by: AN/PRC-32

Reference Files

Adobe PDF icon.png AN-PRC-17 Datasheet

Technical Manual
Radio Set