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Radio Set AN/PRC-6 is the FM version of the "Handie Talkie" Radio set SCR-536 and operates in a single, fixed frequency channel selected by use of an appropriate crystal. This is low-power, short-range equipment which operated in the VHF range for line of sight communications by forward elements of armored, infantry and artillery units.

This equipment consists of a light, self contained receiver-transmitter having a built-in microphone and earphone, and provision for a loop antenna which is used for homing applications. Included provision for connecting a conventional handset.

The normal antenna is a flexible tape type that is attached to the radio by a small string. The antenna is screwed into the top of the radio when in use and wrapped around the radio under the case buckets and a small clip to hold the tip when not in use.

Operated from Battery BA-270/U (which is not supplied as part of the set) and included the necessary crystal unit for the frequency in which the equipment is to operate.

Operational Characteristics

Approximate Range
1 mile
Frequency Range
47.0 mHz - 55.4 mHz (43 Channels)
Modulation Type
Type of Signal
Power Output
250 mW



Sample of PRC-6 Label Reproduction

Print this label at 10% Scale and it will fit the radio perfectly

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June 1952