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The AN/PRC-90-2 is a line of sight, dual channel, personal survival transceiver used primarily used for communications between a downed crewman and a rescue aircraft. It has two preselected frequencies for voice and beacon transmissions. The signal is not secure and can be easily intercepted leaving isolated personnel limited to short voice transmissions.

The AN/PRC-90-2 can transmit a beacon (attention getting warble tone) on 243.0 MHz, voice on 243.0 or 282.2 MHz and Morse Code in modulated continuous wave (CW) mode on 243.0 MHz. It also has the capability of receiving voice communications on 243.0 and 282.2 MHz. The distance for line of sight transmission also depends on conditions such as weather, terrain and battery power. (Refer to TM 11-5820-1049-12 for more information on the AN/PRC-90-2.)