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The AN/PRQ-7 provides data communications geo-positioning, voice beacons. The RSA provides the physical interface the CPC and two operational AN/PRQ-7s. One AN/PRQ-7 serves as the reference in the RSA to acquire and store GPS almanac, ephemeris and time for the transfer to the other (target) AN/PRQ-7. The CPC host CSEL application software that allows loading of the AN/PRQ-7 through the RSA. A window operating environment is used to load a target AN/PRQ-7 with mission specific data and transfer GPS key loading. Loading current almanac and ephemeris data speed the satellite acquisition process in the GPS receiver. Transfer of current GPS data speeds the calculation of user position and transfer of current time allows faster acquisition of GPS.

AN/PRQ-7 radio set has the following capabilities and characteristics

  • Water resistant.
  • GPS receiver.
  • Secure data UHF SATCOM transmit and receive capability.
  • VHF/UHF voice and beacon.
  • Low probability of exploitation of one way transmission.
  • Search and rescue satellite transmission.