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Radar type: AN/TPS-10D. Freq band: 9230 to 9404 mc. Pwr output and range: 250KW, 60/120 mi. Indicator: RHI. Magnetron type: 6002/QK221. Rep rate: .5 & 2 microsec 539 pps. Pwr input: 115V 400 cy AC. Mfr: RCA.

RHI 12" CRT Range 0-60,000 ft. 200 miles. Input: !15V 400cy AC. Mfr: RCA type AN/TPS-10D Radar.


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  • TM 11-1468 Radar Set AN~TPS-10 Preventive Maintenance Manual. War Dept. Dec. 1944. 44 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-1468 Dec. 1944
  • TM 11-1568 Radar Set AN~TPS-10 Service Manual Theory, Trouble Shooting, and Repair