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The AN/TRC-109 was a transportable LOS radio repeater assemblage used to provide radio or cable repeater communications facilities for the airborne corps. You The AN/TRC-109 could be deployed as a 12-or 24-channel PCM or FDM radio repeater, as a 12-, 24-, or 48-channel PCM cable repeater, or as two 12-channel PCM radio terminals (with external multiplexer equipment). The equipment shelter housed all operating components. The assemblage mounted on a 1 1/4-ton cargo truck, which also tows the power unit trailer with a generator set (PU-626).

Major Components

1 Shelter S-297/TRC-109 (modified S-318/G)

2 Radio Sets AN~GRC-50

2 Multiplexers TD-202/U

2 Multiplexers TD-204/U

1 Telephone Set TA-312/PT

2 Power Supplies PP-2054/GRC

1 Intercommunications Station LS-147F/F

Reference File

  • TM 11-5820-536-15

See Also

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