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* TM 11-5820-535-24P  {{pdf|TM-11-5820-535-24P.pdf|TM 11-5820-535 1979}}
* TM 11-5820-535-24P  {{pdf|TM-11-5820-535-24P.pdf|TM 11-5820-535 1979}}
==See Also==
[[TRC - Transportable Radio Communication]]
[[6115]] (Generators)

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The AN/TRC-110 was an air or ground transportable LOS radio repeater assemblage. It provides multichannel communications at the corps HQ level. The AN/TRC-110 could be deployed as a 12-or 24-channel PCM (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulse-code_modulation) radio repeater, as a 12-, 24-, or 48-channel PCM cable repeater, or as three 12-or 24-channel PCM radio terminal (with external multiplex equipment). It could also be used with FDM equipment as a 4-or 12-channel radio repeater, or as three 4-or 12-channel radio terminals (with external multiplex equipment). The equipment shelter housed all operating components. It mounted on a 2 1/2-ton cargo truck (M-35 or M-211), which also towed the power unit trailer with a generator set (PU-618/M)

Major Components

1. Shelter S-298A/TRC-110

2. CN-514/GRC Regulator, Voltage

3. LS-147C/F1 Intercommunication

4. Radio Set AN~GRC-50A(V)7

5. TD-202/U Multiplexer

6. TD-204/U Multiplexer

7. TA-312/PT Telephone Set

Reference File

  • TM 11-5820-535-24P

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5820-535 1979

See Also

TRC - Transportable Radio Communication


6115 (Generators)