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The Power Equipment, GN-32, is a motor-generator set consisting of the following machines mounted on a single base:

  • 1. A 2000-volt direct current generator.
  • 2. A 110-volt direct current generator.
  • 3. A l2-volt direct current generator.
  • 4. A 110-volt or 220-volt alternating current single-phase induction motor.

The two low-voltage generators and the motor have a common shaft and a common housing. The high-voltage generator is direct-coupled to the motor shaft. The 2000<-voltgenerator is provided with two lOOO-volt commutators to provide 1000<-voltcurrent for the VT-4 tubes. The single-phase induction motor is provided with a split-phase winding for starting. This winding is short-circuited when the motor attains proper speed. The motor is constructed to operate on either 110-volt or 220-volt single-phase alternating current. The power equipment may be operated on 110-volt direct current by utilizing the 110-volt direct current generator as a motor.