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The LS-450/B is a permanent magnet dynamic loudspeaker for speech communication between the interior of a submarine and the bridge or escape hatch. It may also be used as a microphone in two-way conversation. The unit will operate under pressure conditions from atmospheric pressure to high pressure present at submarine operating depths. The unit is protected against normal sea exposure and freezing spray conditions by encapsulating the moving voice coil assembly in silicone rubber.


1 Loudspeaker, Permanent Magnet, LS-450/B
Electrically and dimensionally interchangeable with the IC/SHA-IR Loudspeaker (Per BuShips Dwg. 900-S 6502-73987 Rev. O). The output sound pressure level of the LS-450/B is about 8 db lower than the IC SHA-IR output level with the same input power.
Diameter - 6 inches (152.40 mm)
Mounting Dimensions - Four mounting holes 9/16 inch (14.29 mm) in diameter on 2-3/8 inch by 3-7/8 inch (60. 33 by 98.43 mm) mounting centers
Terminal/Connector Designation - Two No. 8-32 binder head machine screws on terminal board.
Over-all Dimensions
Diameter - 6 inches (152.40 mm)
Depth - 5 inches (127.00 mm)
Weight - 14 pounds
Voice coil impedance - 16 ohms
Power handling rating - 5 watts (25 watts, max) (warble tones) :Frequency range - 600 to 5, 000 cps
Output as a Microphone - 0.1 volts with 16 ohms load and 100 db sound Pressure Level 775-125 cps.
Environmental Data
Pressure Proof
Freeze Proof