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The S-335/TRC-113 is the shelter of the AN/TRC-113 Radio Repeater. It is a modified S-250/G shelter. S-335.TRC-113 12.jpg S-335.TRC-113 13.jpg

  • This seems to be a later version without the airconditioner ducts:

S-335.TRC-113 01.jpg S-335.TRC-113 02.jpg S-335.TRC-113 03.jpg S-335.TRC-113 04.jpg S-335.TRC-113 05.jpg S-335.TRC-113 06.jpg S-335.TRC-113 07.jpg S-335.TRC-113 08.jpg S-335.TRC-113 09.jpg S-335.TRC-113 10.jpg S-335.TRC-113 11.jpg

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Reference File

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-5820-562-14 1973