SCM - Set Complete Meteorological

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SCM-Set Complete Meteorological Weather Stations

  • SCM-1 Mobile AAF Manned Weather Station 2.5-ton truck carried
  • SCM-2
  • SCM-3
  • SCM-4
  • CSM-5
  • SCM-6
  • SCM-7
  • SCM-8
  • SCM-9, Radiosonde and ballistic wind stations for Field Artillery use. (later combined into AN~TMQ-4)
  • SCM-10, Radiosonde and ballistic wind stations for Field Artillery use.
  • SCM-11
  • SCM-12 Meteorological Observation Set
  • SCM-13 Coast Artillery Radiosonde and Wind Station
  • SCM-14 Meteorological Observation Set, wind aloft
  • SCM-15 Meteorological Observation Set, surface observation
  • SCM-16 Meteorological Observation Set. forcasting
  • SCM-17 Automatic Met Station, transmitting pressure, temperature and humidity up to 300 miles, by clockwork program, battery powered.
  • SCM-18 Parachute-delivered Met Station, sending data for one week, up to 100 miles.
  • SCM-19 Semi-permanent Met Station, gas-powered, sending temp, pressure, wind speed, humidity, rainfall and sunlight up to 500 miles, for up to three months.
  • SCM-20 Wind Equipment TM 11-429
  • SCM-21
  • SCM-22
  • SCM-23
  • SCM-24
  • SCM-25