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Radio Set SCR-575 was a complete v·h·f, ground, mobile direction finding, and two-way radio communi- cation set for a-m (voice, cw, and icw) operation in the frequency range of 100 to 156 me. It was normally used in v·h-f Fighter Control Net Systems for ground-to-air and point-to-point communication. This radio set operated on four crystal-controlled, preset, push-button selected channels for reception or transmission. In addition to the BC-624 receiver component (part of Radio Set SCR-522-A) there were two Radio Receivers BC-639 which are manually tuned and provided for direction finding as well as for regular communication. One receiver is normally used for stand-by operation. Antenna Equipment RC-153 is a large manually rotatable, azimuth-calibrated equipment used for communication, ond for direction finding by either visual, or aural-null methods. This was mounted on K-53 truck which carried all the equipment necessary for operation of the radio set (except the power unit which is trailer-drawn). Relay Unit BC-687 was used for remote control operation over telephone lines. The power unit normally supplied 4,080 w for all apparatus including heating of the operating com- partment in Truck K-53. For limited emergency operation of the radio equipment only, batteries were available


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