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terminal box, coax antenna for SCR-609



Unfortunately, I do not read French. However, the answer to your question depends somewhat upon what year the radio was installed in the vehicle, and in all cases upon what vehicle the radio is being installed in. For about 1943 and later, you should refer to the TM 11-2700 Series manual for your vehicle.

FWIW, the connectors originally installed on TM-210 and TM-211 are not SO-239's. They are AN 3102-14-3P. The mating cable connector is AN 3106-14-3S. You can substitute MS 3102A-14-3P and MS 3106A-14-3S as the only difference is the finish colour.

Not shown in the copies of the Change to TM 11-615 below is the fact that TM-211 is installed on the side of Antenna Mast Base MP-48-A in place of the lower IN-118. The W-128 going to the top of the mast base is crimped and soldered to the terminal mounted on the ceramic insulator on the right side. The coaxial cable plugs into the AN connector on the right. The only vehicles that I know of that used this configuration were all of the Deuce-and-a-Halfs. There could have been others.

I'm not aware of any official modifications where the AN connector was replaced by an SO-239 but if there were any, they undoubtedly would have been a replacement instead of an addition.

Robert D.

First, I need to amend my previous, which I can no longer edit.

To install the TM-211 on the MP-48-A requires modification to the MP-48-A including drilling an angled hole in the side of the lower forging for the coax coming from the AN connector installed on the bottom to run out of. Then the coax is solder-terminated to the TM-211.

However, what you need in order to use coaxial cable (RG-8/U or RG-58/U) from the BC-659 to the AB-15 is a TM-218. This replaces the antenna box on the rear of the radio case and has a female UHF connector on one face and a binding post contraption for W-128 and AN-29-C on the other. If you use RG-58 with BNC connectors each end, you will also need two UHF male to BNC female screw-on adapters ( UG-273/U). Or you can use two PL-259's with the proper ID reducing bushings. You may also need one or two M-359 UHF right angle adapters.

Assuming that I can find them, I am supposed to have three NOS. Comes with one M-359.