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SCR-508 Data.png


SCR-508 tankers set

primarely used by armored forces it replaced the bulky SCR-245.


  • BC-604 Transmitter FM, CW/voice, 10 X-stals, 20.0 Mc to 27.9 Mc, 25 Watts, range 7 Mi.
    • DM-34 Dynamotor (12 Volt input) or
    • DM-36 Dynamotor (24 Volt)
  • BC-603 Receiver (2 for 508 set)
    • DM-35 Dynamotor (12 Volt input) or
    • DM-37 Dynamotor (24 Volt)
  • FT-237 Mount or Rack
  • CH-74 Cabnet for use in open command vehicles (FT-284 Legs)
  • MP-52 mast base for CH-74
  • MP-48 Ant. base, and 9 foot whip
  • CH-264 chest for parts, and Acc. (could be slid into mount in place of Receiver)
  • T-17 Mic
  • HS-30 Headset
  • RM-29 telephone patch set
  • BC-606 Intercom box, at crew stations
  • I-208 signal generator (TM 11-317)
  • RC-53


Different combinations of components could be arranged in the mounts.

  • SCR-528 transmitter and single receiver
  • SCR-538 Receiver and BC-605 Amplifier (for intercom)
  • AN~VRC-5 Separately mounted transmitter and receiver

The Artillery branch used the same radios mirroring the SCR-508 series but with a different frequency range

  • SCR-608
    • BC-684 Transmitter 27Mc to 38.9 Mc, at 35 Watts, for 15 miles
    • BC-683 Receiver
  • SCR-628


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War Department Technical Manual
Radio Sets
SCR-508-A, C, D, AM, CM, DM
SCR-528-A, C, D, AM, CM, DM
May 1947

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Schematic Diagrams for Maintenance of Ground Radio Communication Set
October 1942