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AN/APG-4* L-Band LAB System (used with AN~APN-1) 12 & 28V Navy: "Sniffer"


  • RT-27/ APG-4 RF Unit (12 V, on MT-14) 410 MC CO AN-08-20-13
  • RT-28/ APG-4 RF Unit (28 V, on MT-14) CO AN-08-20-43
  • AS-46*/ APG-4 Antenna (two used)
  • C-141A/ APG-4 CBx
  • MT-14/ APG-4 Mounting Base for RT-28/
  • RE-17/ APG-4 Relay for APN-1
  • SA-9A/ APG-4 Altitude Compensation Switch
  • SA-28*/ APG-4* " " "
  • TS-34/AP Oscilloscope
  • TS-51/ APG-4 Bomb Release Calibrator
  • TS-56*/AP SWR Test Set
  • TS-329/U RF Power Meter
  • TS-404/APG Range Calibrator