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CPN-17 S-Band IFF-Beacon Galvin Radio


  • R-99/ CPN-17 S-Band Rcvr. 60 MC IF
  • T-86/ CPN-17 Xmitter 3265-3335 MC
  • AB-90/ CPN-17 Antenna Mast
  • AB-112/ CPN-17 Yardarm Ant. Mount
  • AM-44/CPN-6 CPN-17 Mod Driver
  • AM-53/ CPN-17 IF Amp.
  • AS-221/ CPN-17 Antenna
  • CG-107/ CPN-17 Cord
  • CX-232,238/ CPN-17 Cords
  • CY-170/ CPN-17 Cabinet for R-99, AM-44, KY-25
  • F-12/CPN-6 CPN-17 Discriminator Filter
  • KY-25/ CPN-17 Coder Unit
  • MX-202/CPN-6 CPN-17 Auto-Xformer
  • PP-93/CPN-6 CPN-17 Xmitter PS