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CPN-8 S-Band Beacon, Motorola U/W SCR-517,SCR-717 Ships 306


  • R-56/ CPN-8 Receiver-Coder 24 tubes
  • T-50/ CPN-8 S-Band Xmitter-Modulator 9 tubes, inc: 2J38, 3B24, 715B
  • CPM-2 CPN-8 Test Kit
  • AB-18/ CPN-8 Ant. Support
  • AS-23/AP CPN-8 Test Antenna
  • AS-72/ CPN-8 Ant. Masthead Array (horz. polarization)
  • AS-80/ CPN-8 " " " (vertical "
  • BK-169 CPN-8 Ant. Kit U/W CY-166/ (Galvin Radio)
  • CG-139/ CPN-8 RG-38/U Cable U/W R-56/ & T-50/
  • CN-11/ CPN-8 Voltage Control, U/W CX-271/
  • CX-270/ CPN-8 Test Cord, R-56/ to TS-121/
  • CX-271/ CPN-8 25 ft PC, AC Line to CN/11
  • CX-272/ CPN-8 6 ft "Y" PC, AC to R-56/, TS-112/ or CN-11/, and T-50/
  • CY-68/ CPN-8 Eqpt Case
  • CY-166/ CPN-8 Chest for AB-18/ & AS-72/
  • CY-248/ CPN-8 Spare Parts Case
  • MX-545/ CPN-8 Standardization Kit
  • TS-121/ CPN-8 Monitor Unit