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CPS-4 Height-Finding Radar U/W SCR-270, SCR-271


  • CPM-10 CPS-4 Test Set
  • AB-91/ CPS-4 Ant. Tower, 25 ft.
  • AM-72/ CPS-4 Servo Amp.
  • AS-212/ CPS-4 Rotary Ant.
  • C-201/ CPS-4 Power Control Panel P/O CY-268/CPS
  • C-202/ CPS-4 Azimuth CB
  • CG-321,324/ CPS-4 RG-11/U Cables
  • CG-373/ CPS-4 RG-11/U Cable U/W MX-529/U
  • CU-97/ CPS-4 Video Data Z-Matching Unit U/W MX-465/
  • CV-17/ CPS-4 Elevation Data Unit
  • CV-18/ CPS-4 Video Adapter
  • CV-19/ CPS-4 Trigger Adapter
  • CX-750-757/ CPS-4 Cabling Set
  • CX-763-765/ CPS-4 Power Cables
  • CX-768/ CPS-4 AF Cord
  • CX-801/U CPS-4 10 ft PC
  • CY-137/ CPS-4 Plan Twelve (12" PPI) Indicator Cabinet
  • CY-265/ CPS-4 T-R Frame
  • CY-266/ CPS-4 Test Eqpt Cabinet
  • CY-267/ CPS-4 Target Height Console U/W MX-496/
  • CY-268/ CPS-4 Control Frame Assembly C/O: AM-72, C-201, SA-52/CPS-4
  • CY-269/ CPS-4 Range Control Frame
  • CY-270/ CPS-4 Search-Data Frame
  • ID-111/ CPS-4 CRT Target Height Ind.
  • MD-48/ CPS-4 Modulator (rotary spark gap)
  • MX-366/ CPS-4 PPI Mod. Kit
  • MX-465/ CPS-4 Remote Ind. Kit for CY-267/ Console U/W CU-97/
  • MX-496/ CPS-4 Eqpt Shelf U/W SN-18/, CY-267
  • MX-529/U CPS-4 Interference Blanker U/W CG-373/
  • MX-547/ CSP-4 PPI Mod. Kit U/W ID-73*
  • MX-574/ CPS-4 Mod. Kit U/W C-202/ Azimuth CB
  • MX-575/ CPS-4 Mod. Kit U/W ID-111/ Height Indicator
  • MX-589/ CPS-4 Vehicle Mounting Kit U/W 2.5 Ton Truck
  • O-38/ CPS-4 AF Oscillator, 1.5 KC U/W ID-111/ P/O MX-465/CPS-4
  • PP-143,144/ CPS-4 Rect. PSs
  • PU-32/C CPS-4 Gas Gen. 5 KW AC
  • S-22/ CPS-4 10 x 16 ft Operations Room
  • S-24/ CPS-4 16 x 16 ft Power Equpt. Shelter
  • S-25/ CPS-4 8 x 16 ft Spares Shelter
  • SA-51/ CPS-4 Power Panel
  • SA-52/ CPS-4 Data Distributor
  • SA-53/ CPS-4 Ant. Control U/W CY-137/CPS-1 & CY-268,270/
  • SA-71/ CPS-4 Remote Ant. Drive Motor Control
  • SN-18,19/ CPS-4 Target Height Data Xmitter & Rcvr
  • T- CPS-4 Xmtr
  • TS-411/ CPS-4 Dummy Load