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AN.CRN-10.01.jpg AN.CRN-10.02.jpg


  • T-66/ CRN-10 Xmtr, 108-111 MC, 6 Channels (4E27 RF Pentode)
  • AS-155/ CRN-10 7-Channel Ant
  • AS-156/ CRN-10 Ant. System
  • CG-152,153/ CRN-10 RG-22/U Coax Cables (Set of 10)
  • CX-244/ CRN-10 225 ft 7-cond Cable ID-70/ to TS-180/
  • CX-345/ CRN-10 Cable for MD-24/
  • CX-346/ CRN-10 Power Cord for MD-24/
  • CY-184/ CRN-10 Tool Chest (in V-6 Trailer)
  • CY-241/ CRN-10 RF-Cable Case (in V-6 Trailer)
  • CY-242/ CRN-10 Spares Box, U/W MD-24/
  • CY-449/ CRN-10 Spares Chest
  • CY-472/ CRN-10 Chest for MD-24/ Parts
  • IS-176-B CRN-10 RF Voltmeter
  • LG-16*/ CRN-10 Support Leg U/E TS-179/
  • ID-70/ CRN-10 Off-Course Ind & Alarm U/W TS-180/ & T-66 Xmtr
  • MD-24/ CRN-10 Modulator, in CY-242/
  • PE-120/ CRN-10 Vib-PS
  • PU-25/CRN CRN-10 Gas Gen. 115 VAC, 2.5 KW
  • TN-71/ CRN-10 7-Channel Ant. Tuner U/W MD-24/, AS-155/
  • TS-179/ CRN-10 Off-Course Detector
  • TS-180/ CRN-10 " " "
  • V-6/ CRN-10 Trailer, 2-wheel type