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The electronic search central AN/GSS-1 (Figure 70) is a medium-range, transportable radar set designed for use as a search radar. The AN/GSS-1 was first fielded in the mid-50s.


System Description

The electronic search central consisted of a radar set AN~TPS-1G, IFF equipment, and a manual plotting board. All this equipment was contained in a truck-mounted metal shelter. The system was connected by electrical cables to the Missile Minder AN~TSQ-73. The AN/GSS-1 was operated by a four-man crew. The radar system provided the real-time azimuth and range position data of aerial targets to the AN/TSQ-73, which relayed these data over radio communications links to Hawk fire units.

System Operation

As a search radar in an early warning net, the AN/GSS-1 will search in an assigned area and report information to an evaluation center. The radar will detect targets and provide target position data to a fire distribution system or an Army air defense command post. The AN/GSS-1 provides target identification when in autonomous operation or when directed by higher headquarters. This set may also be employed in an emergency as an alternate Army air defense command post when collocated with either a manual or automatic fire distribution capability.