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The AN/MCC-12 is a frequency division multiplexer set used to connect sixty telephone subscriber circuits into a microwave radio relay system. The multiplexing frequency buildup consists of 60, 0-4 KHz wide channels, "stacked" one above another ranging in frequency from 12 KHz to 252 KHz to maintain channel separation. This composite band of frequencies is fed to a radio transmitter, such as the AN/TRC-66A, for transmission to a distant station, either line-of-sight or tropospheric scatter mode. Any one voice frequency channel can be selected to accommodate 16 multiplexed TTY channels simultaneously with the other 59 voice frequency channels. The MCC-12 is housed in a portable shelter, capable of mounting on an M35, 2 1/2 ton truck.

CAPABILITY: Inputs from subscribers can be either 2 wire or 4 wire 600 ohm impedance. "N-Band" signaling is compatible with the AN/TRC-66A and AN/TRC-97A. A built-in test set offers complete alignment and troubleshooting capabilities. Further, the AN/MCC-12 is capable of handling 59 voice frequencies and 16 FSK teletype channels.

FREQUENCY RANGE: Baseband from 12 Kc to 252 Kc.

SITING CRITERIA: Location within approximately 25 feet of AN/TRC-66A microwave relay equipment.

ERECTION TIME: Approximately 30 minutes.

POWER REQUIREMENTS: 3 phase, 4 wire, 120/208 VAC at 400 Hz, 3500 watts.

MAJOR COMPONENTS: AN/MCC-12 Multiplexer and AN/GGC-17 Converter-telegraph set.

MANUFACTURER: Lenkurt Electric Co. Electronics Communications, Inc.

WEIGHT: 4775 lbs.

CUBE: 391 cu. ft.


APPLICABLE TO: 31 Wl-2MCC12- series.