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Terminal Telephone AN/TCC-3 was a 4-channel carrier telephone terminal and a major component of Terminal Telephone AN~TCC-23. It was used to provide four telephone channels and one voice frequency order wire channel over loaded spiral-four cable and/or radio relay facilities. It could also be used to carry a single wide band special service channel. Intelligence could be transmitted over loaded spiral-four cable for a distance of 40 miles (96km)using the AN/TCC-3 without Repeater, Telephone AN~TCC-5, or a distance of 100 miles (160,9km) when AN~TCC-5 Repeaters were used. The equipment was deployed throughout the combat zone.

Major Components

  • Telephone Modem TA-219/U
  • Amplifier-Power Supply AM-682/TCC-3

Reference File

  • TM 11-2142 Telephone Terminal AN~TCC-3 and Telephone Terminal AN~TCC-23. Dept. of the Army and the Air Force. Apr. 1954. 266 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-2142 Apr. 1954

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