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Teletypewriter Set AN/TGC-1

Teletypewriter Set AN/TGC-1 is comprised of a metal console which houses the following: two re ceiving-only typing reperforators, a multiple trans mitter distributor comprised of a number transmit ter and two message transmitters, a motor-driven tape winder, a rectifier, a number tape reel, and circuit and control elements. These elements are ar ranged to operate on one circuit with both message transmitters arranged to permit continuous trans mission without loss of line time and message numbers automatically inserted by the number transmitter, in this case the upper typing reperfora tor provides a continuous monitor copy of the outgo ing message, while the lower typing reperforator receives the incoming messages. The set may also be arranged to operate on two tircuits. In this case the No. 1 circuit uses the A (middle) transmitter for sending and the lower typing reperforator for receiving. The No. 2 circuit uses the B (right-hand) transmitter for sending and the upper typing reper forator for receivuig. The number transmitter functions with the No. 1 circuit only. When the set is arranged to work on one circuit, only, opera tion is designated NORMAL. When the set is arranged to work on two circuits, operation is designated SPLIT. The typing reperforators and transmitter distributor used by Teletypewriter Set AN/TGC-1 are similar to the typing reperforator and transmitter distributor covered in paragraphs 37 through 65. The necessify for outlining their me chanical operations and adjustments is thereby elim inated.



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