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UPN-4 Xa-Band Beacon, 500 W-Pk 5 codes 55 lbs GILF U/W AN~APS-10


  • RT-83/ UPN-4 RF Unit, 9310 MC 110 MC IF Gilfillan
  • AS-235/ UPN-4 Antenna
  • BB-222/ UPN-4 Battery Pack
  • CX-963,964/ UPN-4 Power Cables
  • CX-1000/ UPN-4 Power Cable for PP-168/
  • CY-336/ UPN-4 Carrying Case
  • CY-338/ UPN-4 Maintenance Equipment Case
  • MT-363/ UPN-4 Tripod
  • PP-168/ UPN-4 Battery Charger
  • ST-102,03,07 UPN-4 Carrying Harnesses