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Battlefield Information Services (BIS) are information services provided on the battlefield. They combine the Information Mission Area (IMA) disciplines of printing, publications, and records management. BIS include functions and resources used to organize, distribute, retrieve, dispose, and manage all records, regardless of media. BIS are essential information services needed to support the maneuver commander in the field and do not duplicate the services in garrison. In garrison, information services are more extensive than those for the deployed unit. In garrison, the DOIM supplements the installation’s post and units with information services and resources which are external to the maneuver unit. For example, when a corps or division is in garrison, the DOIM provides support for information services; printing; automated systems; and post, camp, and station telephone access. When the unit deploys, its organic signal element ensures essential BIS are provided in a tactical environment. The signal element provides essential information services or BIS: 1. Printing 2. Publications 3. Forms Management 4. Reproduction 5. Classified Document Control 6. Distribution/Official Mail 7. Correspondence 8. Files/Records management 9. Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 10.Privacy Act (PA)

Reference File

Adobe PDF icon.png FM 11-75

Battlefield Information Services (BIS)
20 September 1994