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light bulbs.

  • LM-1, Ballast, bayonet base, 4 1/4" X 1 1/4", iron filament,
  • LM-2, incandescent, 10-W, 130-V. for J-7 key
  • LM-3, incandescent, 4-W. 8-V. for telegraph keys
  • LM-4, incandescent, 2.5-W. 0.35-Amp. screw base, SCR-95, SCR-111,
  • LM-5, incandescent, 12-V. 0.34-Amp. For FT-10
  • LM-6, incandescent, 4-V. 0.35-Amp. miniature screw base
  • LM-7, incandescent? red 25-W. 110-V. for fire alarm phone system
  • LM-8, incandescent, 9-V. 0.4-Amp. clear, for EE-7
  • LM-9, incandescent, 9-V. 0.4-Amp. red, for EE-7
  • LM-10, incandescent, 4.5-V. 0.4-Amps. clear, for EE-6
  • LM-11, incandescent, 4.5-V. 0.4-Amps. red, for EE-6
  • LM-12, incandescent? 10-W. ?-V. for EE-20
  • LM-13, incandescent? 123-V. ?-Amps. for EE-36

(NOTE- 1920 catalogue ends here)