M10A1 and M10A2 Instrument Repair Truck

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There were two versions of this shop truck:

  • a) with load A (ORD 7 SNL G-141, vol.1): according to TM 9-1580 used for the Ordnance Maintenance of Binoculars M3, M7, M8, M9, M13, M13A1, M15, M15A1, M16, M17A, M17A1 and BC Telescope M65
  • b) with load B (ORD 7 SNL G-141, vol.2): according to TM 9-1539 used for the Ordnance Maintenance of Telescope M31

M10A1 Instrument Repair Truck.jpg

Reference Files

  • * ORD 7 SNL G-141, Volume 1, Organizational Spare Parts and Equipment for Truck, 2 1/2-Ton, 6 x 6, Instrument Repair, M10 and M10A1 (Load A), supersedes SNL G-141, Volume 1, Org. Spare Parts and Equipment, June 12, 1943

Adobe PDF icon.png ORD 7 SNL G-141 Museum Regimentsverzameling TD, Soesterberg NL.

  • ORD 7 SNL G-141, vol.2

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