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The S-187(*)/MRR-8 is the shelter for the Receiving Set, Radio, Shelter) AN/MRR-8. It is a modified S-141/G shelter. Known are the types S-187/MRR-8, S-187A/MRR-8, S-187B/MRR-8 and S-187C/MRR-8.

  • This is the S-187C/MRR-8:

S-187.MRR-8.0.JPG S-187.MRR-8.1.JPG S-187.MRR-8.2.JPG S-187.MRR-8.4.JPG S-187.MRR-8.3.JPG S-187.MRR-8.5.JPG S-187.MRR-8.6.JPG S-187.MRR-8.7.JPG S-187.MRR-8.8.JPG S-187.MRR-8.9.JPG

Reference Files

  • TM 11-5820-353-15
  • TM 11-5820-353-24P
  • TM 11-5820-353-25P