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  • BC-114 Aircraft Xmitter, 400-850 KC VT-2,3 VT-4. C-67, GN-33*, RS-74,75,76
  • BC-115 Tuner (receiver) 250-1500 KC VT-5 R/B BC-152
  • BC-116 RF Amplifier 7 VT-5 tubes U/W BC-115
  • BC-119 Control Box for BC-114 Xmtr
  • BC-10-A Aircraft Interphone P/O SCR-57 (for pilot and observer/gunner)
  • BD-41
  • GN-33
  • (SCR-160 Aircraft Interphone U/W SCR-134 c 1925 )
  • BC-128 battery box



  • radio communication pam. number 42

Airplane Radio Sets, Types SCR-133, 134, 135: And Interphone Sets SCR-155, 160, and Receiving Equipment Used in Conjunction Therewith ... Prepared in the Office of the Chief Signal Officer, March, 1925

  • TR 1210-5 Airplane Radio Set, Type SCR-134, and Receiving Equipment use in Conjuction Therein (20 May 1929)