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Searchlight directing radar 205 MC 20 MC IF, Mobile medium-range long-wave searchlight control, AAAIS, and substitute gun-laying equipment. SCR-268 consists of two trailers; SCR-268-B, of a trailer and 4 trucks, Uses IFF RC-148. USES: To search for targets and furnish position data for AAAIS. Transmits present azimuth and angular height to searchlight control station for directing searchlight. Transmits present azimuth, angular height and altitude to M-4, M-7, or M-9 directors for gun-laying. SCR-268-B.jpg



  • BC-406* Receiver, 200-210 MHz,
  • BC-407* Transmitter, 205 MHz, ring oscillator with eight 100TS tubes,
  • BC-409 Keying Unit, 304TL tubes
  • BC-412* Oscilloscope, 5BP4 CRT
  • BC-423* Modulator, five tubes
  • BC-435 Modulator, two 250tls & eight 340tls
  • BC-436 Range Unit
  • BC-437 Converter
  • BC-438 Frequency Meter, 190-215 MHz, Link Mfg. Co
  • FM-82 frame
  • RA-33 rectifier 15 kV, high voltage power supply also 39, 48.
  • RC-68 Range Calibrator I-108,179,190, Hickock M-178,198 & Dumont M-224 or RCA M-155B 3" Scopes U/W BC-436*, CD-487-491,502-506,518,520,728,819



  • FM 4-176 Service of Radio Set SCR-268
  • TM 11-1306 Technical Operations Manual For Radio Sets SCR-268, SCR-268-B, SCR-268-C and Radio Sets SCR-516, SCR-516-C, SCR-516-D, and SCR-516-E. War Dept. Jul. 1944. 218 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-1306 Jul. 1944
  • TM 11-1406 Preventive Maintenance Radio Equipments SCR-268 27 july 1944.
  • TM 11-1506 Service Manual for Radio Sets SCR-268, SCR-268-B SCR-268-C, SCR-516, SCR-516-C, SCR-516-D, SCR-516-E Theory, Trouble Shooting and Repair. War Dept. Sep. 1944. 492 p. U408.3.A13 TM 11-1506 Sep. 1944