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this article is incomplete, it will be updated in time. for now we have added an image of the data.

DF Receiver 0.1-65 Mhz, BC-792; TM 11-862, -1460, 1943. Portable radio DF; batt operated; 8 tube superheterodyne; freq range 100 kc to 65 mc in eight bands; receives CW, tone, voice; Battery Charger PE-128, supplied w/set, will operate from either 6 v or 12 v storage batt. (Set is enclosed in suitcase type carrying case; uses single turn loop ant as directional pickup and collapsible rod ant as a non-directional pickup; has "sense" device used to determine direction of xmtr.)

SCR-504 Data.png



Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-862 5 October 1943