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The ST-5 was officially called Body, Shop Truck, ST-5. The ST-5 Body is other than the ST-6 van body non-collapsible and is found on GMC and Studebaker 2 1/2 Ton 6x6 trucks. The ST-5 Body is common to the following vehicles:

1. M7 Small Arms Repair Truck, SNL G-138

2. M8 Automotive Repair Truck (Load A), SNL G-139, Vol.1

3. M8 Automotive Repair Truck (Load B), SNL G-139, Vol.2

4. M9 Artillery Repair Truck, SNL G-140

5. M10 Instrument Repair Truck (Load A), SNL G-141, Vol.1

6. M10 Instrument Repair Truck (Load B), SNL G-141, Vol.2

7. M12 Welding Truck, SNL G-142

8. M13 Tool and Bench Truck, SNL G-143

9. M14 Spare Parts Truck (Load A), SNL G-144, Vol.1

10.M14 Spare Parts Truck (Load B1), SNL G-144, Vol.2

11.M16 Machine Shop Truck(Load A), SNL G-146, Vol.1

12.M16 Machine Shop Truck(Load B, B1 and B2), SNL G-146, Vol.2

13.M16 Machine Shop Truck(Load C), SNL G-146, Vol.3

14.M16 Machine Shop Truck(Load D), SNL G-146, Vol.4

15.M16 Machine Shop Truck (Load F), SNL G-146, Vol.5

16.M18 Electrical Repair Truck, SNL G-149

17.M7 Small Arms Repair Truck (Signal Corps), SNL G-229

Reference Files

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Adobe PDF icon.png ORD 9 SNL G-227 1945

  • ORD 7-8 SNL G-227 Dept.of the Army, Jan.19, 1950

Adobe PDF icon.png ORD 7-8 SNL G-227 1950

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