Semitrailer, 6 Ton Payload, 10 Ton Gross, 2 Wheel, Fuel Tank, 2000 Gallons (Model ST-6-2-M)

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According to TM 9-2800-1 of Feb.13, 1953, pg 86 this trailer was called M30 in that time. See TM 9-2800 for the Ordnance Lists of 1943, 1947 and 1953. Various manufacturers: Davis Welding, Heil, Lufkin, Keystone, Krieger Steel, Independent, Progress.

ST-6-2M.01.jpg ST-6-2M.02.jpg ST-6-2M.03.jpg ST-6-2M.04.jpg

Reference Files

  • TM 9-891 War Dept. Aug.25, 1944

Adobe PDF icon.png TM 9-891 1944

Adobe PDF icon.png ORD 7-8-9 SNL G-678 1944 Corjan de Wit/Regimentscollectie TD, Soesterberg (NL)