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TT-6/FG Teletypewriter Set TT-6/FG is a Teletype model 15 page printing set used as fixed station communication equipment. In this capacity it exchanges typewritten page messages between two or more points. One set completely equips a station for sending to and receiving from one or more distant stations connected by a telegraph channel. This set is arranged for direct transmission by the keyboard which is connected in series with the local typewriter relay and the line in such a matter as to actuate the local and distant receiving components, thereby furnishing a home copy of both transmitted and received messages at each station. Teletypewriter Set TT-6/FG is particularly adapted to the reception, and dissemination of weather information.

TT-5.FG OR TT-6.FG.jpg TT-5.FG OR TT-6.FG.2.jpg


Adobe PDF icon.png TM 11-2215 1951