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Radio Set, .5-30 MC



The Radio Set AN/GRC-41 was a radio transmitting and receiving station that provided communication facilities for RATG and RATEL operation at ranges up to 1.600 kilometers (1000 miles). The frequency range was from 1,5 to 20 megacycles. The set could be operated while in motion with whip antennas or in fixed locations using a doublet antenna. Either one-way reversible or full-duplex operation could be used.


  • R-390A/URR (2) GRC-41 Receiver, .5-30 MC
  • T-368D/URT (1) GRC-41 Xmtr, 1.5-20 MC
  • C-2019A/GR (1) GRC-41 Control Unit
  • TA-312/PT (2) Telephone Set
  • TN-339/GR (1) GRC-41 RF Tuner
  • S-56/G (1) GRC-41 Eqpt Shelter
  • PU-294/U (1) Generator Set, Gasoline Engine, Trailer Mounted


  • TM 11-621 1957