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Telegraph Terminal AN/TCC-4 was used for high-speed, frequency-shift, voice-frequency, carrier telegraph communication. It provided terminal equipment for eight teletypewriter channels over a standard two- or four-wire telephone facility, or 16 channels over a four-wire facility. Different arrangements of this equipment could be made to provide for more or less telegraph channels. Two of these sets could be combined to provide for 16 telegraph channels; or one set could be split to provide two separate fourchannel terminals. This equipment consisted essentially of two Telegraph Terminals AN~TCC-20 plus one Telegraph Modem TH-14/T.

Major Components

1 Telegraph Modem TH-14/T

2 Telegraph Terminal Groups TH-13/T

2 Telegraph Modem Assemblies TH-15/T

Reference Files

  • TO 31W4-2TCC-1
  • TM 11-5805-250-10

See Also


TCC - Transportable Carrier Communications

TH - Telegraph apparatus