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Telegraph Terminal AN/TCC-20 was used for high-speed, frequency-shift, voice-frequency, carrier telegraph communication. It provided terminal equipment for four teletypewriter channels over a standard two- or four-wire telephone facility. Two of these sets, plus a Telegraph Modem TH-14/T make up Telegraph Terminal AN~TCC-4. In various combinations with Telegraph Terminal AN~TCC-4, a maximum of 16 teletypewriter channels might be obtained on a four-wire line basis The AN/TCC-20 is essentially a AN~TCC-4 without the Telegraph Modem TH-14/T and the additional TH-13/T and TH-15/T.

Major Components

1 Telegraph Terminal Group TH-13/T

1 Telegraph Modem Assembly TH-15/T

Reference Files

  • TO 31W4-2TCC-1
  • TM 11-5805-250-10

See Also

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