TE - Tool Equipment

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  • TE-1, radio maintenance tool equipment in BC-54 chest
  • TE-2, tool equipment for SCR-86 radio repair truck
  • TE-3, Pipe fitters tool equipment In BC-76 chest
  • TE-4, tool equipment in BG-44
  • TE-5, Inspectors pocket tools in BG-29 In leather case
  • TE-6, Mechanics tool equipment, in BC-77 chest
  • TE-7, tool equipment IN BG-10
  • TE-8, (file set) tool equipment, in BG-30 tool roll
  • TE-9, tool equipment, in BG-31 tool roll
  • TE-10, tool equipment, in BG-32 tool roll (Drill set)
  • TE-11, mechanics tools in BC-88 chest
  • TE-12, airplane tool equipment, in BC-89 chest
  • TE-13, drill equipment, in BG-37 tool roll
  • TE-14, tool equipment, (post tool chest) in BC-90
  • TE-15, construction tool equipment, in BC-75 chest (construction tool chest)
  • TE-16, cable splicers tool equipment, in BC-91 chest
  • TE-17, file set, in BG-38 tool roll
  • TE-18, tool equipment, electrical engineer, in BC-93 chest
  • TE-19, drill set, in roll, (auger bitts)
  • TE-20, inspectors marking tools in BG-43
  • TE-21, linemans Equipment type

NOTE 1920 signal storage catalogue ends here