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On the connectors, writing an explanation that would allow anyone to understand the nomenclature system would take all day and I'd probably miss something anyway. So I'll abbreviate it.

The full nomenclature of most of the large banana pin style cable connectors with the push-button lock (as opposed to an Acme thread nut) is as follows:

  • PL-xnn where "nn" is a 2-digit number and "x" is"
  • P = straight back shell with solder gland
  • Q = right-angle back shell with solder gland
  • R = right angle back shell with cable clamp or straight back shell with right-angle cable clamp
  • S = straight back shell with cable clamp

The PL-103 only came in P and Q. Some other plugs (but not these five) had only PL-nn nomenclature.

For whatever reason, the aircraft installations usually use solder gland types and vehicular installations usually use cable clamps. We don't actually know what they would have used for an aircraft set installed in a vehicle, but I would bet on cable clamp and rubber jacketed cable, which is in any case much easier to either simulate or duplicate. So making that assumption, the actual nomenclature of the connectors that you need to put an SCR-187 into the T-36 are:

PL-S59 x 2, PL-S61 x 2, PL-S64 plus whatever the other end needs, PL-S74 plus whatever the other end needs, and PL-S103 or PL-Q103. If you stack the receiver on top of the transmitter, PL-Q103 will probably work better as on it, the cable drops out the bottom rather than sticking out the back.

That being said, most sellers on eBay or elsewhere won't know all of this and will just refer to them as PL-59, PL-61, etc. You'll have to look at the photos to tell what they are really selling.

Yes, PL is a cable plug. No, PLS doesn't mean anything. The mating chassis connector will have a nomenclature of SO-nn. The plug in the back of the BC-224 is SO-104, despite the fact that it is male.

If you cannot find them closer by, I can supply the PL-S59 through PL-S64 but only with the modified Romex cable clamp. When you make up your mind whether to stack the radios or not and can then decide whether straight or right angle PL-x103 will work best, I am supposed to have one PL-Q103 (if I can locate it) that I would swap even for the PL-P103 you have.

The manual I took the two photos out of does not have one showing cables coming out of the BC-191. I'll try to find one, or take a picture of one of the connectors and post it.

Right now, I have to get back to scanning NAVAER 08-5Q-95 for an order I accepted. I thought I had done the scanning ten years or so ago, didn't, but still have to ship. Gunner USNR Retired MVPA 9480


(NOTE 1920 storage catalog ends here)