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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a completely free and open resource for radio restoration information. Our goal is information preservation, not control and restrictions. We want you to copy and duplicate these manuals anywhere you wish, the point here is to make these manuals so easy to find on the internet, that no one would bother to buy a CD or try some CIA/MI-6 scheme of authentication to allow you to have something that is PUBLIC DOMAIN. That's right citizens, US Military manuals are all Public Domain!... copy them - all of them... put them on your own site, put them on your friend's site, copy them to a thumb drive and send to your Aunt Minnie, whatever. Selling them or restricting access is *wrong*, that's why we're making it easy for everyone to get them - for free! You can help to keep our site at the top of search engines by linking back to us.

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There are certain items that we voluntarily don't publish
Anything that is not allowed for public distribution and newer than 2000. The military doesn't pro-actively re-issue old manuals as public documents when the equipment is not used in service anymore. So its very hard to determine what is "OK" and what isn't. All of the material on this site was gleaned from the internet and already in the "wild". The ~20 year timeframe was chosen simply because 20 years is a lifetime for military communications gear these days. Its simply our way of steering clear of any accusations of "jeopardizing current operations". If we are wrong, i'm sure we will hear about it.


All original materials, (texts, images etc) on this site are released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share Alike License. (See RadioNerds:Copyrights for details.).. This is to prevent someone from trying to sell our write-ups, not to control the manuals themselves... (remember what I said about Public Domain earlier?)

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All Documents Should be Free of any Restrictions!
All the documents on this site *should be* free of any encryption, restrictions or limitations such as "No Copy", "No Print", etc. If you find any that are restricted please let us know at
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